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Chance Meeting
Friday November 25th, 2022 with Heavy Ben
Ambient 22

Chance meeting on a piece of work of a full circle and ginger soy milk pudding Thank you for donating to CKCU in 2022. Minimal voices from the host and the music this week. Please enjoy an hour of some of my favourite ambient, electroacoustic and experimental records that were released in 2022.
The Ocean That You Observe In My Aquarium ~ The Eternity I See In Your Eyes ~
Tenka 天花 (Meitei) - Hydration 水分補給 - Métron Records - 2022 New
Wait Hear Now
The Advisory Circle - Full Circle - Ghost Box - 2022 New
Ginger Soy Milk Pudding 姜撞⾖豆奶
Scott Gailey (spell by Yu Su) - Incantations - Séance Centre (Seance Centre) - 2022 Canadian
Shabason & Krgovich - At Scaramouche - Idée Fixe - 2022 Canadian New
The Vast Interiority
Ben Vida, Lea Bertucci - Murmurations - Cibachrome Editions - 2022
Bitchin Bajas - Bajascillators - Drag City - 2022 New
Taro Nohara - Poly​-​Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine - We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records - 2022 New
A Piece Of Work [excerpt]
Crys Cole - A Piece Of Work - Second Editions - 2022 Canadian
O Yuki Conjugate - A Tension Of Opposites - World Of Echo - 2022
We Let It In
Brian Eno - Foreverandevernomore - Opal, UMC - 2022 New
DYSAART (Evan Dysart) - Invisible Architecture - (self-released) - 2022 Canadian New
Springtime in Croatia
Patricia Wolf - See-Through - Balmat - 2022
Interactive CKCU
Hi Heavy Ben!

3:01 PM, November 25th, 2022
Great playlist!

3:01 PM, November 25th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Adriana! thanks for dropping in

3:06 PM, November 25th, 2022
I'm tuned & ambient!;-)

3:21 PM, November 25th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
thanks hillbilly for tuning and commenting

3:32 PM, November 25th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Bitchin Bajas with another great release in 2022

3:33 PM, November 25th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Catch you next Wed Nov 30 @9pm on In A Mellow Tone... Sat Dec 3 @8pm on Heavy Friends... and for our next Chance Meeting in two weeks

3:57 PM, November 25th, 2022
Hey HB! Tuning in very late, but loving the vibe. Hard to go wrong with Eno! Always sounds just amazing. Later on OnDement....

4:00 PM, November 25th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey PB, get demented at any time!

4:08 PM, November 25th, 2022