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Chance Meeting
Friday October 28th, 2022 with Heavy Ben
October is "Library Month" and CKCU's Funding Drive begins

Chance meeting on a circulating library of science and lemonade Please help us keep non-commercial radio broadcasting. "Library" means something different to me. Use your imagination and dream up your own personal film to these library soundtracks. It’s hard to sum up the “library record.” Musically speaking, these dusty sought-after gems occupy a broad spectrum of styles. From a beat-digger haven of obscure and heavy funk, experimental and aspirational avant grade electronics, surreal sci-fi synth-scapes and, of course, sensual soundtracks that would backdrop a particular category of explicit filmography, library records covered all the music bases. Originally they were mass-produced to provide a source of purely economic music, conceived in the 1920s as a stock music sold to silent movie cinemas. Library music wouldn’t reach its real heyday until the ‘60s and ‘70s, when companies, and eventually library labels, solicited small but notable composers and session players to produce music for specific concepts. Drama, comedy, sports, commercial jingles, science fiction — a.k.a. “mood” music for broadcasters and low-budget film productions to use as scores — the best being a featured snippet on a low-budget detective show or sci-fi B-movie. The music was ready-made, had infinite thematic possibilities and was less expensive means to score video without expensive licensing fees or a pricy composer commission. The concept proved highly successful, brought a lot of opportunity to behind-the-scenes musicians, and with its imaginative and non traditional approach, harbored an experimental musical playground. The music itself was not cheap, or say bootleg versions of “the real thing,“ but proved to be quite the opposite. It was cutting-edge, experimental and just downright good. It was also never meant to be released publicly. Still, companies thought they could get more traction if they pressed samplers. Some of these now run $1000 for original copies, which speaks to their scarcity; at most, only 200 original copies were pressed. Largely neglected by the average music consumer, they stood in the dollar bins as previews on the offchance customer to see if this music could work on their film project. If they liked it, they would purchase a dub from the master tape and then use it – a process called “synchronization.” These neglected albums would soon find a resurgence in the 90s and 00s, mainly by the hip-hop and digger community. It was a sample paradise; then-cheap records filled with primarily vocal-less music laced with heavy funk, breaks, beats, and wild synths. A bounty of beautiful music filed away for decades, patiently waiting for the proper ear. Within a decade the best moved from the dollar bins to the collectors’ market.
Special Event - 2
Alain J. Leroux - Prime Time - Parry Music Library - 1984 Canadian
Aperitivo Da Vanni
Zanagoria (Giorgio Carnini) - Popfolkmusic - International - 1973
Klaus Weiss Rhythm & Sounds - Time Signals - Selected Sound - 1978
African Pop Session
Manu Dibango - African Voodoo - PSI - 1972
Uranium Astral
Sauveur Mallia - Cosmosynthetic Vol. 1 - Tele Music - 1981
Kingsway Music Library (Frank Dukes) - Colors - Kingsway Music Library - 2015 Canadian
Nino Nardini & Roger Roger - Jungle Obssession - Neuilly - 1971
Alan Hawkshaw - Frontiers Of Science - Bruton - 1979
Beat Street
Johnny Hawksworth - The Mood Modern - KPM - 1966
Pop Electronique N° 1
Cecil Leuter - Pop Electronique - Crea Sound - 1969
Having Fun
Jay Richford & Gary Stevan (Armando Amleto Roelens & Stefano Torossi) - Feelings - Carosello - 1974
The Third Power
Janko Nilovic - Chorus - Editions Montparnasse 2000 - 1974
Daniela Casa - Società Malata - Deneb - 1975
Melancholy Girl
Mladen Franko - Amazing Space - Sonoton Recorded Music Library - 1980
Delia Derbyshire - Out Of This World - Atmospheric Sounds And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - BBC Records And Tapes - 1976
Electro Logos (1 to 12)
David McLey - Electric Lemonade - Parry Music Library - 1977 Canadian
Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle) - Sound Dimensions - Europhon Record - 1978
Mad Town
Giuliano Sorgini - Zoo Folle - Ricordi - 1974
Glocksandclocks Goodd 153
The Drum Broker (Frank Dukes) - Library Vol. 5 - Kingsway Music Library - 2015 Canadian
Axel Grease
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Music And Rhythm - Ubiquity - 2004
Morning Sun
Frances Ruffino - Out And About - Parry Music Library - 1981 Canadian
Rusty Letters
Puccio Roelens - Musica Per Commenti Sonori: Lipstick - Costanza Records - 1969
Fusion Process 1
Otakar Olšaník & Jan Martiš - Advanced Process - Coloursound Library - 1986
African War
Amedeo Tommasi - Grandangolo - Cenacolo - 1981
Interactive CKCU
Thanks for a great show Heavy Ben!

6:58 PM, October 28th, 2022
Ben Armstrong (host)
Thanks Candace... didn't think anyone was listening!

7:06 PM, November 1st, 2022