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Chance Meeting
Friday August 20th, 2021 with Heavy Ben
Coversions III: covers | versions | edits | dubs | remixes : The Bowie Edition

Chance meeting on Mars of Ashes and Heroes "Modern Love" comp of Bowie versions on BBE
Life On Mars
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson [orig. David Bowie] - Modern Love - BBE - 2021 New
Milky Edwards & The Chamberlings [orig. David Bowie] - 7" - ZS Records Inc - 2021 [rec. 2011] New
Young Americans
The Cure [orig. David Bowie] - Join The Dots (B-Sides & Rarities 1978>2001 The Fiction Years) - Fiction, Polydor - 2004
Ziggy Stardust
Bauhaus [orig. David Bowie] - 7" - Beggars Banquet - 1982
Rebel Rebel
Seu Jorge [orig. David Bowie] - The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (Original Soundtrack) - Hollywood Records - 2004
David Bowie [orig. The Pixies] - Heathen - Columbia - 2002
The Man Who Sold The World
Nirvana [orig. David Bowie] - MTV Unplugged In New York - DGC - 1994
Space Oddity
Chris Hadfield [orig. David Bowie] - - - (not on label) - 2013 Canadian
Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)
David Bowie (remixed by James Murphy) - 12" - ISO Records - 2013
Ashes To Ashes
Lassigue Bendthaus / LB [orig. David Bowie] - Pop Artificielle - KK - 1998
Space Oddity
Rudy Grant [orig. David Bowie] - 7" - Ensign - 1981
Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
Foxtrott [orig. David Bowie] - Modern Love - BBE - 2021 Canadian New
Let's Dance [tribute re-edit]
Skratch Bastid [orig. David Bowie] - - - (not on label) - 2016 Canadian
Seeing is believing! Cool to watch Skratch Bastid wear out his crossfader for 90 seconds in this "Let's Dance" tribute routine. This is not a computer-edited version.
Waiting For The Man
David Bowie [orig. The Velvet Underground] - - - (not on label) - 1972
Matthew Tavares [orig. David Bowie] - Modern Love - BBE - 2021 Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey all, how's your Friday going? Have a fave Bowie version?

3:09 PM, August 20th, 2021
Napalm Dan
Hard not to love Hadfield's Space Oddity!

3:22 PM, August 20th, 2021
mike p
Frank did a cover of Harrisons Something in the way and Syd of Franks My Way Covers are so au nécessaire different conductor can just breathe new and longer life and for another audience into it I love covers Ben

3:36 PM, August 20th, 2021
like bowies pinups too

3:38 PM, August 20th, 2021
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hey Napalm Dan - ready for the weekend?

3:44 PM, August 20th, 2021
Fun show! Thank you!

3:44 PM, August 20th, 2021
Ben Armstrong (host)
Hi Mike P, For sure, I am having fun and learning a lot with this Coversions series Was tempted to play "See Emily Play" from Pinups, but one hour is insufficient to cover all the Bowie bases

3:45 PM, August 20th, 2021
Ben Armstrong (host)
Brian - thanks for tuning in and taking the time to comment. Good to know you're diggin!

3:48 PM, August 20th, 2021