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eV's Underground
Tuesday April 14th, 2015 with e.V., in Spirit
Viathyn / Incura

reair of show originally broadcast Sep. 23rd, 2014 playlist is here:
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Interactive CKCU
Hi, we are in a cabin no electricity , but managed to find perfect reception to your angel voice and epic music while we navigate these hits of acid , from nelson bc. We are all in love with you !!!!

5:22 AM, April 14th, 2015
In kemptville by the way, off grid 7 years

5:22 AM, April 14th, 2015

5:23 AM, April 14th, 2015
Marry me?? I'm awesome too I promise

5:24 AM, April 14th, 2015
Text me !! 613-406-2792

5:25 AM, April 14th, 2015
Marry me?? I'm awesome too I promise

5:26 AM, April 14th, 2015
e. V. (host)
:-D Thanks guys! You made my week.

3:21 PM, April 14th, 2015
Hi, its Shawn Steve and Chris , we had a crazy fire with burned barn beams that was unintentional, and Chris made home made rocket candles in the house , it has no electricity , thought I'd mention that again, and the magic old radio we bumped into the right spot . you were an angel for us like you don't even know . .

7:43 PM, April 14th, 2015
How do I send you photos of the fires?

7:48 PM, April 14th, 2015