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Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 with Harri
Post Cottage Weekend

Fresh off a cottage weekend and a week before classes start. I've got a lot to cover and a lot of new music!
Are You Even Real?
James Blake - Are You Even Real? - Single New
Stay Alive
Mustafa - Stay Alive - Single Canadian New
Follow You Home
Matt Millz - Follow You Home - Single
Billie Marten - Writing of Blues and Yellows
Fresh Pair of Eyes
Brooke Waggoner - Fresh Pair of Eyes - EP
Luna Li - Afterglow - Single Canadian
One Last Time
Hollerado - Retaliation Vacation Canadian
Said The Whale - UnAmerican - Single Canadian
27 Is the New 17
Zeus - 27 Is the New 17 - Single Canadian
Dirty Nikes
Ruth B. - Dirty Nikes - Single Canadian New
Hannah Georgas - All That Emotion
Sleeping At Last - Storyboards
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