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Wednesday August 26th, 2020 with Harri
Quarantine 6, Back in Ottawa!

I'm back in Ottawa now! So excited to share some new music and tell you all about my trials getting back here.
For All The Love You Give (feat. Lucy Rose)
The Paper Kites - For All The Love You Give - Single New
Bloom (Bonus Track)
The Paper Kites - Woodland - EP
You're The Last Thing On My Mind
Aron Wright - You're The Last Thing On My Mind - Single
Luca Fogale - Safety
Jamie Scott - My Hurricane
Billie Marten - As Long As - EP
Amnita - Underwater - Single Canadian
Chiiild - Synthetic Soul Canadian
Energy Czar
The Zolas - Energy Czar - Single Canadian
Talk My Ear Off
Ten Kills the Pack - Talk My Ear Off - Single
There Are A Thousand
Helena Deland - From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Canadian
All at Once
Half Moon Run - Seasons of Change - EP Canadian
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