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Wednesday November 16th, 2022 with Carolyn Harris
This week, Professor John Sanbonmatsu returns to the show to discuss his forthcoming book, the connections between speciesism and other forms of oppression, and the myth of "humane" and "sustainable" animal agriculture.

This week, I am pleased to present my third interview with John Sanbonmatsu, Associate Professor of philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. John is the editor of the book Critical Theory and Animal Liberation and the author of The Postmodern Prince: Critical Theory, Left Strategy, And The Making Of A New Political Subject. His forthcoming book will be titled The Omnivore’s Deception: What We Get Wrong About Meat, Animals, and the Nature of Moral Life. He is the founder and main designer of In this interview, John tells me about what inspired him to write his new book. We discuss a number of the themes he explores in the book, including the myth of “humane” animal exploitation and slaughter, the impact that the locavore movement has had on the “meat” economy, the relationship between capitalism and speciesism, why violence against other animals has been falsely viewed as a form of women’s empowerment, how the oppression of humans is connected to the oppression of other animals, and what we can do to work towards a just and peaceful world. John's work on these topics is insightful, well-informed, and thought-provoking. You won't want to miss out on this discussion!
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Very Interesting. Thanks for the work.

6:27 PM, November 16th, 2022
thanks! One step closer to an anti-speciesist, total liberation world

2:43 PM, December 17th, 2022