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Wednesday November 23rd, 2022 with Carolyn Harris
This week, Dr. Matthew Cole and Dr. Kate Stewart return to the show to discuss vegan sociology, vegan ethics, and the Donald Watson Archive Research Project.

This week, I am pleased to present my third interview with the vegan sociologists Dr. Kate Stewart and Dr. Matthew Cole, who are the authors of the 2014 book, Our Children and Other Animals: The Cultural Construction of Human-Animal Relations in Childhood. In this interview, Matthew and Kate describe how they incorporate the topics of veganism and speciesism into their teaching at the universities where they work. Then they tell me about speciesism as a systemic social problem; veganism as a challenge to speciesism; what vegaphobia is and how it involves ignoring the exploitation of nonhuman animals; the current state of the vegan movement; their reading recommendations; and how sociology can help inform our work as vegan advocates. We also discuss the Donald Watson Archive Research Project, which looks at the early history of the Vegan Society in the UK by focusing on one of the Vegan Society's co-founders.
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4:48 PM, November 23rd, 2022