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Hexon Bogon
Friday October 14th, 2022 with Adriana Ciccone
Guard your time because there's no returns on time.

In this episode, you'll hear music by Hania Rani, Jessica Moss, Matana Roberts, Annie Socoria, Demsky, Wilhaeven, Björk, Lana Del Rabies, Fiorella16, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Expanda Fuzz, C.Circo, Willem Gator and Atsuko Chiba. (Photo Credit: Mia CM)
Hania Rani - Live from Studio S2 (Complete Session) - Gondwana Records
Hania Rani performed at KEXP this week. If you haven't seen the performance yet I would recommend checking it out. Here is the link:
Opened Ending
Jessica Moss - Galaxy Heart - Constellation Records Canadian New
raise yourself up / backbone once more / how bright they shine
Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis - Constellation Records
Cascade Failure
Annie Socoria - Cascade Failure - self-released Canadian New
Annie also has an incredible video for this track. You can view it here:
Also, Annie, along with Wilhaeven, will be opening for Demsky Oct 21st at Cafe Dekcuf! For mor info and tickets, please see the FB event page here:
Demsky - Tell Me About The World - self-released Canadian
Autumn Deluxe
Wilhaeven - The Inner Life Of Man - Cosmetiq Canadian
Björk - fossora - One Little Independent Records New
Cornflake Girl
Lana Del Rabies - Covers I - self-released New
Fiorella16 - Metal Machine Ascension meets Fiorella16 - We, Here and Now! New
Hell's Itch
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava - self-released New
Locket Love (Ramones cover)
Expanda Fuzz - Locket Love (Ramones cover) - self-released Canadian New
Access Denied
C.Circo - Disruptions - self-released Canadian New
Sounds are running race the trek the climb the swim the pace
Willem Gator - The Encyclopedia of Failure - Hidden Shoal Records New
Dry Ice
Atsuko Chiba - Trace - Mothland Canadian
King Buffalo will be in town Friday (Oct 14th) night with Atsuko Chiba at Club Saw! Ticket and info available here:
Interactive CKCU
turned on radio....Insurance Commercial .... think, geez, what station...look...93.1....... so...creepin' ' Commercial Radio....just before Funding I blame Ford....or..... ***not blaming you Adriana.... thanks for your free work. Peace!

10:43 AM, October 14th, 2022
Hi Adriana, now that makes for a noisy afternoon o'er here, great! ;-)

10:44 AM, October 14th, 2022
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Hi hillbilly! I was surprised too!! I thought, did my radio dial accidentally change? It was definitely weird. I didn't know anything about it as my show is still pre-recorded. The station ads in the stuff in between each hour. Ford can be blamed for a lot of things so I wouldn't be surprised. Thanks for tuning in, as always!

10:55 AM, October 14th, 2022
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Hi Perrache! Thanks for tuning in from so far away! I'm glad you are enjoying the show. That makes me happy.

10:56 AM, October 14th, 2022
Adriana Ciccone (host)

10:57 AM, October 14th, 2022
Morning! ☀️

11:01 AM, October 14th, 2022
Adriana Ciccone (host)
Ciao Mónica! Thanks for tuning in!

11:02 AM, October 14th, 2022
us folks on airwaves been noticing Creeping Commercialism...not happy.... luv u!

11:12 AM, October 14th, 2022
Adriana Ciccone (host)
I'm concerned too. I will ask about it. luv u too!! Appreciate you!!

11:46 AM, October 14th, 2022