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The Bear Necessities
Tuesday July 5th, 2022 with Lester Bear
Punk Parables

Today's show we will be featuring tune by Fea, The Anti-Queens, Outtacontroller, Crusades, Blacksmith and Brewer and much more!!
Song For Servers
Blacksmith & Brewer - Sparks and Spent Grain - Independent Canadian New
Sura Sura
The Muslims - Gentrifiried Chicken - Independent
Throw Your Sets Up
Whole Wheat Bread - Hearts of Hoodlums - Independent
Fea - Fea - Blackheart Records
The OBGM's - Same (Single) - Independent Canadian New
Survival Gathering
Rebelmatic - Elephant Amneia - Coffe Grind Media
Fall Asleep
Big Joanie - Sistahs - Daydream Library
[Not] Public Property
Voice of Baceprot - [Not] Public Property - Independent New
The Famous Monster
The Anti-Queens - Grow Up/Stay Young - Independent Canadian
Meet Me @ The Alter - Garden - Independent
Red, White, & Blue
Proper - The Great American Novel - Father/Daughter Records New
Take It Back
Red Arkade - Livewire - Independent
Venus In Aries
Choked Up - Dichoso Corazon - Croadcore Records
Limit And A Situation
Outtacontroller - Limit And A Situation (Single) - Independent Canadian New
Parable II
Crusades - Parables - Independent Canadian New
Worriers - Imaginary Life - Don Giovanni Records
100% Kontrol
Kelompok Penerbang Roket - 100% Kontrol (Single) - Independent
All The Young Punks
The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope - Epic Records
Interactive CKCU
πŸ‘πŸŽΈπŸŽ΅ thanks!;-)

5:04 PM, July 5th, 2022
Lester Bear (host)
Thanks Mr. Hillbilly!!

8:14 PM, July 5th, 2022