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The Bear Necessities
Tuesday June 21st, 2022 with Lester Bear
National Indigenous Peoples Day - Electric Pow Wow Drum

This week we are celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day and will be featuring Indigenous artists across the country on today's show. Today we will be featuring the music of ...The Halluci Nation, Tanya Tagaq, Digawolf, Derek Miller, Digging Roots, Willie Dunn and much more.......
Electric Pow Wow
The Hallui Nation - A Tribe Called Red - Radicalized Records Canadian
The Jerry Cans - SOS - Aakuluk Musice Canadian
Run To The Hills
Tanya Tagaq, Damian Abraham - Run To The Hills - Six Shooter Records Canadian
Wild Whisper
Jayli Wolf - Child of the Government - Independent Canadian
Note: On air I mistakenly attributed this song to an Album called 'Lead Me', the name of the album is actually Wild Whisper, Lead Me is another song by Jayli Wolf.
Behold A Pale Horse
STOIK - Pareidolia - Independent Canadian
Segia Dahte
Digawolf - Segia Dahte - Independent Canadian New
Lovesick Blues
Derek Miller - Music Is The Medicine - Independent Canadian
Roads We Choose
Jason Burnstick - Home To Abbey - Independent Canadian
Sing Me A Song
William Prince, Serena Ryder - Sing Me A Song - Six Shooter Records Canadian New
Digging Roots - Skoden - Ishkode Records Canadian
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Up Where We Belong - True North Records Canadian
Morgan Toney - First Flight - Ishkode Records Canadian
Son of The Sun
Willie Dunn - The Vanity of Human Wishes - Light In The Attic Records Canadian
Claude McKenzie - Mukuuin - Musique Nomad Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Jas Nasty
Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! :)

5:09 PM, June 21st, 2022
Lester Bear (host)
Thanks Jas!!

5:15 PM, June 21st, 2022
I just saw Jas' tweet about the show so tuning in now on Demand! The playlist is awesome. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

5:18 PM, June 21st, 2022
Absolutely!!! Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!!! Good work! Thanks! luv the lineup! Buffy SM is precious!!!

5:25 PM, June 21st, 2022
Lester Bear (host)
Thanks Adriana

3:19 PM, June 25th, 2022
Lester Bear (host)
Thanks Hillbilly!

3:19 PM, June 25th, 2022