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The Bear Necessities
Tuesday March 16th, 2021 with Lester Bear
Slugger O'Toole - Celtic Punk Show

Tune in as we have many great artists joining us for St Pat's Day celebration...coming over are The Stanfields, Real McKenzies, Jimmy George, Mr. Irish Bastard, Sir Reg and many more.....
The Tempest
The Real McKenzies - WestWinds - Stomp Records Canadian
Victor and His Demons
Fiddler's Green - 25 Blarney Roses - Deaf Sheppard Recordings
The Peelers - Prizefight (single) - Stomp Records Canadian New
Never Let You Down (feat Sarah Harmer)
The Mahones - Unplugged - True North Records Canadian
A Leak In My Heart
The Porters - Anywhere But Home - Knockout Records
MRS. McGrath
The Stanfields - Death & Taxes - Groundswell Music Canadian
No Justice No Peace
Mr. Irish Bastard - No Justice No Peace (single) - Reedo Records New
Wreck Head Wedding
The Gallowgate Murders - Wreck Head Wedding - Black Dingo
Fool (Fight of Our Lives)
Sir Reg - The Underdogs - Despotz Records
The Cloverhearts - Darlin' (single) - Black Dingo
Slugger O'Toole
The Might Regis - Walking Around Lucky - Independent
Breakfasts with St. Swithin
Jimmy George - A Month of Sundays - Independent Canadian
Joy of Life
The O'Reillys and the Paddy Hats - Joy of Life (Single) - Metalville New
Interactive CKCU
Sean Smith
Awesome show Bear!

9:58 AM, March 17th, 2021
Lester Bear (host)
Thanks Sean!

1:29 PM, March 17th, 2021