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Mystic & Severe
Thursday August 20th, 2020 with Michael O'Keefe
Fright Fest, Film History and Canadian Content - Director Ruben Pla, Historian Lee Gambin, Academics Marcelline Block & Jennifer Kirby, Director Richard Bell & Actor Sam Ashe Arnold

Fright Fest coverage begins with an interview with Ruben Pla who directed a documentary called 'The Horror Crowd,' and an Australian Horror Anthology called 'Dark Place,' also gets a review. While Fright Fest is screening their movies digitally and are geo-located to England and Ireland you should look forward to their releases! 'Peninsula,' is currently playing in the Cineplex and gets a review. Hear Film Historian Lee Gambin wax Robert Forester as well as Marcelline Block and Jennifer Kirby chat about their upcoming book on Michel Gondry. From August 15th - 20th 'Brotherhood,' is playing at the Mayfair and at the end of the broadcast you can hear Director Richard Bell and Ottawa Actor Sam Ashe Arnold tell you about that project. There is even a review of all 10 movies within the Blu Ray Boxset 'Solid Metal Nightmare: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto.'
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