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Renny's Riot
Wednesday July 19th, 2023 with Rehab Renny
THAT HORSE HAS ALREADY LEFT THE BARN. Songs inspired by teenage rage, healthcare & more. Featuring the new free Swagger compilation, The Master Plan's new album, new music from CLONE, the Penske File & The Goods.

Renny's Riot
The Scarlet Drops - The Scarlet Drops 1984-1992 - 1989 What Wave/2021 Harriet Records/Bandcamp Canadian
Good Rockin' Tonight (Roy Brown)
Link Wray & The Raymen - Mr. Guitar - 1965 Swan Records/1995 Norton Records
Breathless (Jerry Lee Lewis)
D.M. Bob & The Deficits - Bad With Wimen - 1996 Crypt Records
Breathe The Air
Cromm Fallon - Presents the P200 - 2021 Rum Bar Records
Do The Hospital
Copter - Carbon 14 Blighty's Still Smokin' - 30 Unfiltered High Tar UK Rockers - 2006 Carbon 14 Magazine
Goodnight Nurse
The Tearaways - And For Our Next Trick - 2023 Dirty Water Records
Nurse Julie
Wild Billy Childish & The Friends Of The Buff Medway Fanciers' Association - 1914 - 2003 Transcopic/2017 Damaged Goods
Doctor Feelgood (Dr. Feelgood & The Interns)
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - 25 Greatest Hits - 1964 His Master's Voice/1998 Music For Pleasure
I Don't Need No Doctor
Ray Charles - Anthology - 1966 ABC Records/1988 Rhino Records
Georgia Slop (Jimmy McCracklin)
"Big" Al Downing - The Very Best Of Big Al Downing - 1964 Columbia/2010 Master Classics Records
CLONE - Queen single - 2023 ZeroTrophy Records Canadian New
Make Me Party
The Sorels - Love Your Rock 'n' Roll - 2022 Reta Records Canadian
It's Okay
The Pack A.D. - It Was Fun While It Lasted - 2020 The Pack A.D. Inc./Bandcamp Canadian
Cyanide Stories
The Penske File - Half Glow - 2023 Stomp Records Canadian New
David Jones Is Dead
The Goods - The Goods EP - 2023 Dandy Boy Records New
I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone
The Monkees - The Best Of The Monkees - 1966 RCA Victor, Colgems
96 Tears
? & The Mysterians - The Best Of ? & The Mysterians: Cameo Parkway 1966-1967 - 1966 Pa-Go-Go Records, Cameo Records/2005 ABKCO
Teenage Nation
The Diodes - Tired Of Waking Up Tired - 1979/1998 Epic Canadian
Teenage Shakedown
Coffin Lids - Early Times - 2005 Abbey Lounge Records/2022 Rum Bar Records
Teenage Superstars
The Vaselines - The Way Of The Vaselines - A Complete History - 1992 Sub Pop
Teenage Love Affair
Iron Virgin - All The Young Droogs - 1974 Deram (unreleased)/2029 RPM Records
Ex Teenage Rebel
Bad Luck No. 13 - Les Enfants Terribles E.P. - 1993 NIM Records Canadian
Can Teens
The Hippies - Slippery's Club Hits Part 2 - 2012 What Wave Records Canadian
Teenage Anthem
The Disbanded - Ripcordz As Fuck - 1999 En Guard Records Canadian
Just Another Teenage Anthem
New Hearts - 1977 - The Year Punk Broke 2 - 1977 CBS
Teenage Depression
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Teenage Depression - 1976 Island Records
I Am a Confused Teenager
The Hot Nasties - Smash The State: Volume One - 1980 Social Blemish Records/1994 No Exit Records Canadian
Teenage Letter (Big Joe Turner)
The Count Bishops - Speedball - 1975/1995 Chiswick Records
Teenage Lobotomy
The Ramones - Mania - 1977/1998 Sire
Teenage Brain
The Gears - Rockin' At Ground Zero - 1980 Playgems Records/
The Hellers - Swagger - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Thee Perfect Gentlemen - Swagger - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
I Need A Witness
The High-End - Swagger - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Shaken Down
JJ & The Real Jerks - Swagger - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Underground Coast
The Dogs with Frank Meyer - Swagger - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Rock Rules
The Amplifier Heads - Swagger - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Master Plan
The Master Plan - Grand Cru - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Dead Horse
The Master Plan - Grand Cru - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
The Master Plan - Grand Cru - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Are You Crazy?
The Master Plan - Grand Cru - 2023 Rum Bar Records New
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
Hey Rioteers, I'm currently in the hospital and I can't respond to your comments when the show is aired. Please still leave them, I will read them later in the day and respond then. If you are listening whether on demand or live, please let me know if you are listening. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the show.

8:12 AM, July 18th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Good news, I can be here until physiotherapy at 2:20.

1:31 PM, July 19th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Who's listening? Let me know.

1:34 PM, July 19th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Tough crowd.

1:55 PM, July 19th, 2023
doin a little body work on an electric Volt! Hot! Still, better than hospital!!;-) Hang tough Brother! Thanks for the Cooooolll muuusac!

2:03 PM, July 19th, 2023
my teens were fantastic! ✊

2:05 PM, July 19th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Thanks for listening and letting me know, hillbilly.

2:07 PM, July 19th, 2023
whatwave dave
Just arrived and listening now. That new Rumbar download is fucking great! Hope that download helps keep you in good spirits while held captive. Sending positive vibes in your direction!!!

2:14 PM, July 19th, 2023
Renny G (host)
You are going to love The Master Plan album, Dave.

2:17 PM, July 19th, 2023
whatwave dave
I actually saw them here in London about 20 years ago and they were Great!!! With 2 Fleshtones and a Dictator you can't lose. Shoulda taken pics.

2:31 PM, July 19th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Gotta go. Keep listening and have fun. Physiotherapy is a cruel mistress.

2:42 PM, July 19th, 2023
But it works!!! Good luck!

3:01 PM, July 19th, 2023
whatwave dave
Best and hope you recover soon!!!

3:01 PM, July 19th, 2023
Catching the on demand late here. Hope you're not doing anything like the 'broken foot'. Best with the physio and recovery. It sounds like 'Nurse Julie' has a stalker on her hands.

4:15 PM, July 19th, 2023
Renny G (host)
Hey Frankie. Thanks for listening.

4:40 PM, July 19th, 2023