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Renny's Riot

Renny's Riot
Friday January 3rd, 2020 with Reviled Renny
HANGOVER 2020! Head pounding, toilet hugging music for late night revellers. Songs about binge drinking, puking, rocking & anger management.

Renny's Riot
THE SCARLET DROPS - unreleased cassette - 1989 unissued Canadian
Midnight Canonball
BIG JOE TURNER - Rocks In My Bed - 1953 Atlantic Records/2005 Membran International GmbH
I'm On My Rocket
TAV FALCO'S PANTHER BURNS - Blow Your Top E.P. - 1982 Animal Records/Rough Trade/Frenzi Records
Highway 61
SACRED COWBOYS - La Vie En Rose - New Rose Compilation 1985 - 1985 New Rose Records
(Making The) Trains (Run On Time)
RAINER & DAS COMBO - The Texas Tapes - 1993 Demon Records
Motel Pool
ROCKET 808 - Rocket 808 - 2019 12XU Records New
Sketch For Summer
THE DURUTTI COLUMN - The Return Of The Durutti Column - 1980 Factory
AL PERRY - home recording - 2019 unissued
Brand New Year
CHICKEN TRUCK (became THE BOTTLE ROCKETS) - The Bottle Rockets/The Brooklyn Side (origninally released on Hickory Holidays 2 Song Christmas Holiday Cassette) - 1989 self released/2013 Blue Rose Records
HENRY VESTINE - Guitar Gangster - 1991 New Rose Records/2002 Jellyroll Records
Name A Drink After You
COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS - Gambling Days Are Over - 1995 Sympathy For The Records Industry
The Clock Strikes Twelve
BO DIDDLEY - Signifying Blues - 1959 Checker Records/1993 Charly Records
Two Drunks Down
NINE POUND HAMMER - Bluegrass Conspiracy - 2017 Nitrosonic
Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party
TEENAGE HEAD - Frantic City / Some Kinda Fun - 1982/1988 Attic Records Canadian
Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps Please
SPLODGENESSABOUNDS - Simon Templar E.P. - 1980 Deram Records
Drinkin' Whiskey Playin' Hockey
TANKHOG - Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Vol.1 - 1994 Wrong Records Canadian
Croonin' Into The Beer Of A Drunk Man
NEW BOMB TURKS - Pissing Out The Poison (Singles & Other Swill '90-'94) - 1995 Crypt Records
All Hungover Over You
MERLE KNURLING & THE SILENT K - A Date With The Governor General - 2009 self released Canadian
Hangover (Max Webster cover)
EVIL FARM CHILDREN - Evil Farm Children II: The Evilling - 2008 Dad's Favourite Records Canadian
One More Beer
DOUBLE NAUGHT SPYS - Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents "Oh God, My Mom's On Channel 10!" - 1989 NarWuar Records Canadian
More Beer
FEAR - Restless Variations - 1985 Restless Records/Engima Entertainment Group
Too Drunk To Fuck
DEAD KENNEDYS - The Prey single - 1981 Alternative Tentacles
Slow Puke
LEATHER UPPERS - O.K., Don't Say Hi - 1994 Past It Records Canadian
You're Making Me Sick
THE FELLS - 26 Excellent Estrus Spicey Sizzlers Sampler - 1999 Estrus Records
Sick On You
THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS - A Brat's Miscellany - 1980/2016 Cherry Red Records
High Horse
THE JIM JONES REVUE - Burning Your House Down - 2010 Punk Rock Blues Records
THE DOGMATICS - Everybody Does It - 1986 Homestead Records/1989 Vagrant Records/Shredder
Left Wing Fascist
SIMON CHARDIET - Bug Bite Daddy - 1997 Upstart Records
Take A Flying Fuck At A Rolling Doughnut
SIMON & THE BAR SINISTERS - Break the Tension, Have a Peanut!!! - 2015 self released
Smarter Than You
THE UNDERTONES - True Confessions (Singles = A's+B's) [disc1] - 1978 Good Vibrations Records/2011 Essential! Records/Castle Music
Be My Enemy
THE WATERBOYS - This Is The Sea - 1985 Ensign Records/Island Records
I Wanna Destroy You
THE SOFT BOYS - Underwater Moonlight - 1980 Armageddon Records/2011 Yep Roc Records
I'm Mad
MAD DADDYS - The Age Of Asparagus - 2001 R.A.F.R.
I Hate You
THE MONKS - Black Monk Time - 1966 Polydor Records/1994 Repetoire Records
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
New Year's Revolutions....Nah, I won't do that to ya. This week every media on the planet is saturated with picks of 2019 & who we lost last year.....What a bummer! Tonight is a tone poem dedicated to every shitty New Year's Eve & the hangover that followed.

10:21 PM, January 2nd, 2020
Renny G (host)
The tone poem starts in the second set.....the first set is me fulfilling my Ren Riot requirements: a good midnight song, a unexpected mix & a curveball or two so you'll stop stereotyping my taste in music.....

10:27 PM, January 2nd, 2020
Renny G (host)
Mornin' all...Oh yeah & happy new year.

12:02 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Renny G (host)
Let's see how this rotation around the sun will go....apparently there's a big asteroid that's doing a close pass by earth this week....Fingers crossed....

12:05 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Renny G (host)
With any luck we'll get smacked upside our collective homo sapien skulls.

12:22 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Renny G (host)
Sorry. Feeling ornery in 2020.

12:31 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Hi....listening here tonight in BC...I was in bed by 10 pm on New Year's Eve.

12:33 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Renny G (host)
So was I but I had the shittiest holiday ever.....

12:34 AM, January 3rd, 2020
I love that serious voice warning about "offensive language - fewer discretion advised" - as The blurb before Knowledge Network shows add - "but it's worth it!" Happy New Year, Renny. Thanks for the card!

12:56 AM, January 3rd, 2020
A A glen
is it new yrs yet...geezz...gotta get a job...any booze around...

12:59 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Renny G (host)
I've been looking.....this record cleaning solution sure ain't cutting it.

1:01 AM, January 3rd, 2020
hair spray in water, shoe polish, canned heat...but that cleaner shit 'l blind ya! andnever tch antifreese!!!

1:10 AM, January 3rd, 2020
We're all doing just fine listening here in Vanier

1:12 AM, January 3rd, 2020
And thanks

1:12 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Renny G (host)
Hey Gilles. Happy! Happy! to you and yours.

1:16 AM, January 3rd, 2020
Renny G (host)
Bile with a smile.....

1:23 AM, January 3rd, 2020