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Can I Have A Word?
Thursday April 8th, 2021 with Bob LeDrew and Hera Mustafa
BEST OF: Julia Zarankin on "Field Notes From an Unintentional Birder"

It's really feeling like spring has arrived, so why not reprise a conversation about creatures that are often harbingers of new seasons coming: Birds. Julia Zarankin found herself a birder almost by accident. She tells the story in her memoir "Field Notes From an Unintentional Birder." Plus, a gorgeous 'bird' -- or is that Byrd, as in Jonathan Byrd -- song from Corin Raymond and the Sundowners.
A Few Simple Words
Grit Laskin - A Few Simple Words - Borealis Canadian
Little Bird
Corin Raymond and the Sundowners - Paper Nickels Canadian
Learn more about Julia Zarankin's writing and birding at:

(author photo: Claire Sibonney)
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