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Can I Have A Word?
Thursday November 5th, 2020 with Bob LeDrew
Funding Drive "Where are they now?" episode!

We talk with some of the 40 previous guests from the last year or so to catch up with their stories, and talk a bit about why you should support CKCU during funding drive. Click and contribute!
A Few Simple Words
Grit Laskin - A Few Simple Words - Borealis Canadian
Hillary Maddin was a guest on "Can I Have A Word?" in January, talking about her research into synapsids. We catch up with her to find out what she's been doing lately. For more information on her research:
Hard Times Come Again No More
Stephen Fearing, Connie Kaldor, James Keelaghan, Shari Ulrich - n/a Canadian
Kevin Waghorn appeared on CIHAW in November 2019 to talk about the art of stage management. He's the Managing Director of the Ottawa Fringe and Undercurrents Theatre Festivals, and the manager of Arts Court Theatre.
Jeremy Fisher - The Lemon Squeeze Canadian
Heather Badenoch is a living organ donor who talked about her experience in August 2019 on "Can I Have A Word?" At the time, she mentioned that Sherri Barr was in need of a liver transplant. Heather and Sherri join in to talk about what's happened since then. For more information on liver donation: and for more about Heather:
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