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The LP Has Landed
Wednesday September 28th, 2016 with DJ DesTrois
Blonde Redhead, Ruggedy Annes, Pink Section, Rifle Sport, Maximum Joy...

A Program that features Albums in their entirety, bucking against the short attention span.... presenting the obscure, the under-appreciated and the chance to discover something old or new... from start to finish!
Blonde Redhead – La Mia Vita Violenta (Smells Like Records) 1995

(I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks Off 3:40
Violent Life 3:51
U.F.O. 5:38
I Am There While You Choke On Me 1:56
Harmony 5:16
Down Under 4:09
Bean 4:37
Young Neil 1:12
Jewel 4:38
10 Feet High 3:22
Ruggedy Annes – Jagged Thoughts (Tab Records) 1984

01. Jagged Thoughts
02. Autumn
03. G.I. Joe
04. Dead & Gone
05. Casual Design
06. Hollow Heros
Pink Section – S/T Superior Viaduct

A1 Tour Of China
A2 Shopping
A3 Wine World
A4 Midsummer New York
A5 Flat Dog
A6 Part Time
B1 Francine's List
B2 Safety Instruction
B3 Jane Blank
B4 Cars Don't Wait For Love
B5 Lonely Fashionette
B6 Been In The Basement 30 Years

Tracks A1, A2 recorded at Peter Miller Studio, San Francisco, except vocals and xylophone at 3444 16th Street. Originally released on the Tour Of China / Shopping single, 1979.
Tracks A3 to B1 recorded at Triangle Studio, Seattle. Originally released on the Pink Section EP, 1980.
Tracks B2 to B4 recorded at Peter Miller Studio, San Francisco. Unreleased demos from 1979.
Track B5 recorded live, July 12th, 1979, at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco.
Track B6 recorded live, March 11th, 1979, at Deaf Club, San Francisco.
Rifle Sport – Voice Of Reason (Reflex Records) 1983

A1 Words Of Reason 2:37
A2 Angel Tears 2:09
A3 Run & Hide 2:01
A4 Danger Streets 3:20
A5 Good News Week 2:21
A6 Mind Over Matter 2:16
B1 Hollow Men 2:31
B2 Meet 3:09
B3 Church 2:50
B4 Keep On Walkin' 2:40
B5 Correctional Facility 2:50
B6 No Money 1:40
B7 Eva Evita 2:28
Maximum Joy – Radio M.X.J.Y. (Y Records) 1982

A1 Dancing On My Boomerang
A2 Do It Today
A3 Let It Take You There
A4 Searching For A Feeling
B1 Where's Deke?
B2 Temple Bomb Twist
B3 Mouse An' Me
B4 All Wrapped Up!
Bonus Tracks: (on the recording, but didn't make it on this broadcast)

Kevin Ayers - Shooting At The Moon
Denise James - It's Not Enough To Love
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