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The LP Has Landed
Wednesday September 14th, 2016 with DJ DesTrois
Fifth Column, C Cat Trance, Harlan T. Bobo, Ideal...

A Program that features Albums in their entirety, bucking against the short attention span.... presenting the obscure, the under-appreciated and the chance to discover something old or new... from start to finish!
Fifth Column ‎– To Sir With Hate (Fifth Column) 1986

A1 Kangaroo Court 2:14
A2 The Fairview Mall Story 4:00
A3 To Sir With Hate 6:09
A4 Modern Diseases 7:31
B1 Right Hook 2:58
B2 Ghost Of A Buffalo 5:44
B3 Where Are They Now? 4:04
B4 Late Last Night 4:14
C Cat Trance ‎– Khamu (She Sleep Walks) (Ink Records) 1985

A1 Puritaines
A2 Barefoot Doctor
A3 The New Hassan
A4 (Screaming) To Be With You
B1 Rattling Ghosts
B2 The Old Man
B3 Simple Helen
B4 Miss Manners
Harlan T. Bobo ‎– Too Much Love (Goner) 2006

A1 Only Love
A2 Left Your Door Unlocked
A3 Stop
A4 Too Much Love
A5 Zippers And Jeans
B1 Mr. Last Week
B2 When You Comin' Home
B3 After This Night...
B4 Bottle And Hotel
Ideal - S/T (WEA) 1980

A1 Berlin 3:09
A2 Irre 3:54
A3 Telepathie 5:27
A4 Blaue Augen 3:27
A5 Hundsgemein 2:14
B1 Luxus 4:03
B2 Rote Liebe 2:36
B3 Da Leg Ich Mich Doch Lieber Hin 4:28
B4 Telephon 3:24
B5 Roter Rolls Royce 3:15
bonus tracks:

• Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - Mystery R.P.S. (No. 8)
• Fresh Snow - Don't F**k A Gift Horse In The Mouth
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