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The LP Has Landed
Wednesday September 7th, 2016 with DJ DesTrois
Hans-A-Plast, Condition, Metal Boys, Mark Springer & Sarah Sarhandi.

A Program that features Albums in their entirety, bucking against the short attention span.... presenting the obscure, the under-appreciated and the chance to discover something old or new... from start to finish!
First up:
Hans-A-Plast - 2 (No Fun Records) 1980

A1 Spielfilm 2:40
A2 Untitled 0:12
A3 Reicher Vati 2:42
A4 Kunde Und Vieh 3:30
A5 Dicke Kinder 2:37
A6 Sicherheit 2:42
A7 Machtspiel / Eidexe Kriech 3:31
B1 Humphrey Bogart 2:47
B2 Kurz Und Dreckig 3:09
B3 Tuaregs 5:26
B4 Ich Z√ľnd Mich An 2:10
B5 Mono-Ton 3:49
Second up:
Condition - Mumbo Jumbo (Psyche Industry) 1985

A1 Mumbo Jumbo
A2 Stranded In The Jungle
A3 It's Too Hot
A4 Congo
A5 Night And Day
A6 Play Me That Rhythm
A7 Crazy, Man, Crazy
B1 I Been Here Before
B2 The Creeper
B3 Knockin' Myself Out
B4 You Haunt Me
B5 Camel Walk
B6 Lonesome Trails
Third up:
Metal Boys - feat. China - Tokio Airport (Celluloid) 1980

A1 New Malden
A2 Parlez Moi D'Argent
A3 Carbone 14
A4 The Pleasure
A5 Cafe Sale
A6 Love In Dub
B1 Colt 45
B2 Commando
B3 Hurry Back
B4 Tokio Airport
B5 Un Petit Peu D'Amour
Fourth up:
Mark Springer & Sarah Sarhandi - Swans And Turtles (Venture/Virgin) 1990

A1 Toreador 4:15
A2 Desire 5:04
A3 Scattered Gloves 3:20
A4 Inner Secret 8:40
A5 Nothing Serious 2:58
B1 Swans And Turtles 3:05
B2 Yellow 9:42
B3 Brown 2:28
B4 The Road Into The Forest 9:40
Next week music from : Fifth Column, C Cat Trance, not sure who else yet......
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)
Thanks for checking out/enduring THE first episode of The Album Drop. Comments, questions welcome!

5:01 PM, September 6th, 2016