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The LP Has Landed
Wednesday November 16th, 2016 with DesTrois
dare we say... a fourth?

A Program that features albums in their entirety, bucking against the short attention span.... presenting the obscure, the under-appreciated and the chance to discover something old or new... from start to finish!
First up:
Mike Wilhelm ‎– Wilhelm (United Artists/ZigZag) 1974

A1 Junko Partner
A2 Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
A3 Goin' To Canada
A4 Styrofoam
A5 Black Mountain
A6 Me And My Uncle
B1 Slow Blues
B2 Dust My Blues
B3 Hear The People
B4 Bad News
B5 Phonograph Blues
Noir Désir ‎– Veuillez Rendre L'Âme À Qui Elle Appartient (Barclay) 1989

A1 A L'Arrière Des Taxis 3:10
A2 Aux Sombres Héros De L'Amer 2:58
A3 Le Fleuve 3:48
A4 What I Need 3:23
A5 Apprends À Dormir 3:01
A6 Sweet Mary 2:01
B1 La Chaleur 3:39
B2 Les Écorchés 4:09
B3 Joey I 3:00
B4 Joey II 2:25
B5 The Wound 4:36
Really Red ‎– Teaching You The Fear (C.I.A. Records) 1981

A1 Too Political? 2:11
A2 Bored With Apathy 1:45
A3 The Fee 1:05
A4 Teaching You The Fear 3:15
A5 Decay 2:16
A6 Run 'Em Out 1:17
A7 No Art 3:00
A8 Bar-B-Que 0:44
A9 White Lies 2:17
A10 Nico 2:42
B1 Starvation Dance 2:45
B2 Prostitution 1:22
B3 Aim Tastes Good 2:30
B4 Entertainment 4:36
B5 Pigboy 1:20
B6 Ain't No Time 1:18
B7 Lockjaw 1:37
B8 Reminder 3:22
Wondeur Brass ‎– Ravir (no label) 1985

Peau De Chat 4:15
Free Fast & Clean 3:27
Gina Et Majorettes 3:06
It's Insane 3:20
Portez-Vous Bien 3:57
L'Ombre Est Là / Umbrella 4:12
Comptine Pour Mademoiselle 3:33
Trois Baleines Blanches Sur Chinoise Mer 7:02
Gary Bartz - NTU Troop - People Dance
John Lennox - Pull Your Vanity Down
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)

4:07 PM, November 14th, 2016