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Off The Charts
Monday August 23rd, 2010 with Chris Ikonomopoulos

This past Aug. 21st marked the 5 year anniversary of Robert Moog's death. A small pocket of songs made possible by the Moog in his memory take up part of the hour.
In A Hole
Jesus and Mary Chain - Psycho Candy - 1985 - Reprise
Delightful, mind-bogglingly noisy LP that makes me wonder how a major label like Reprise would have ever OK'd it for release. Major emphasis on treble and sugar with frequencies that have actually hurt my ears.
Sunday You Need Love
Trio - 12" - 1981 - Mercury
People of the Night
Ill Wind - Flashes - 1968 - ABC
White Rabbit
Great Society - Conspicuous Only In It's Absence - Columbia
Grave Slick fronted band before she replaced Signe Anderson in Jefferson Airplane in 1966. Brought the bands two biggest hits with her. Live LP.
Party Seacombe
George Harrison - Wonderwall Music - 1968 - Apple
First solo LP and soundtrack influenced heavily and equally by India and drugs.
The Minotaur
Dick Hyman - 45 - 1969 - Command
Claude Denjean - Moog! - 1970 - London / Phase 4 Stereo
My Way
Hugo Montenegro - Moog Power - 1969 - RCA
Rock Me
Electronic Concept Orchestra - Moog Groove - 1969 - Limelight
Hustler's Convention
Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five - S/T - 1984 - Sugar Hill
A take on Lightnin' Rod's 1973 proto-rap tale of hustling, gambling, stealing and paying the price.