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Wednesday April 29th, 2020 with Arjun + Vikram

Today, Vikram and I will cover the amazing and complex history of the music genre/cultural movement that is Filk. Nothing but Filk for the first half. You will be hearing from Filk pioneers such as Ookla The Mok (an RMV favorite), as well as the groundbreaking SJ Tucker. All this and more on the worlds most unpredictable radio show! Yay!
Bizarro World
Ookla The Mok - vs. Evil
Ookla The Mok - vs. Evil
Evil I
Ookla The Mok - vs. Evil
Ookla The Mok - Super Secret
Go On
Ookla The Mok - oh okay LA
Hollywood's Ending
Ookla The Mok - oh okay LA
Salad of Doom
S. J. Tucker - Mischief
The Truth About Ninjas
S. J. Tucker - Mischief
I'm So Sorry (a love note to Fandom)
S. J. Tucker - --
Beetz In My Salad
S. J. Tucker + Big Bad Gina - <single>
Space Shanty
The Senate - Live at the Solstice
Free Software Filk Song
Infinite Hands - --
An Idiot
phemiec - --
Walking Into Mordor
Lew Bear - --
Fatboy Slim - Creamfields 2014 - Full Set
Interactive CKCU