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Results May Vary
Wednesday April 22nd, 2020 with Arjun + Vikram
another round in the wheel!

Coming to you from ye old bedroom, it's a new show! Today my brother Vikram returns to co-host. We talk about our favorite British comedy show, The Inbetweeners. Also on the program, Vikram shares what he witnessed at Trinity College as students fled from campus during the rise of COVID-19 in Canada, the art of talking to strangers, Vikram getting an autograph from Malcom Gladwell, and his article on the book Talking To Strangers. All this and more, on the most unpredictable show radio can provide! Footnotes: Vikram's article on Malcolm Gladwell (pages 8-9): Follow Vikram on, where he writes about pop culture:
For this episode, I used the colour spectrum model from two weeks ago to help with today's song selection. To make it easy to follow, and to include set breaks, I will number each track based on each colour.

1. (Black)
2. (Red)
3. (Orange)
4. (Yellow)
5. (Green)
6. (Blue)
7. (Indigo)
8. (Violet)
9. (White)
1. Amerika
Rammstein - Reise
2. Main Offender
The Hives - Veni Vidi Vicious
3. The Gods Bless Taiwan
The Chairman - <single>
4. Reptilia
The Strokes - Room On Fire
5. Don't Look Back In Anger
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
6. Free Four
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds
7. My Secret Origin
Ookla The Mok - Super Secret
8. Mr. Goodnight
Peggy Hsu - Magical Shop (奇幻精品店)
9. Angela Surf City
The Walkmen - Lisbon
DJ Dojah - Dr. Greenthumb Show DJ Set (B-Real TV)
Statik Selektah - Dr Greenthumb Show DJ Set | BREALTV
Peter Kruder Boiler Room Vienna DJ Set
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