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Results May Vary
A weird little show to keep you alive during the dark after hours. To the nations capital and beyond!
Hosted by: Arjun Nijhawan
Airs: Alternate Wednesdays from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM
Next broadcast: September 29th, 2021

A 2 hour, late night, musical circus. Playing the best of different types of music. Enjoy the variety that I have to offer.

Results May Vary

Date Host Highlight On Demand
12:00 AM  Sep. 15th, 2021 Mr. A Today's episode... stressful times, stressful times, please keep at bay, my deepest and sincerest apologies, please guide me to the sorbet.
12:00 AM  Sep. 15th, 2021 Mr. A Today's episode... rest assured, because the undivided bridge remains intact.
12:00 AM  Sep. 1st, 2021 Mr. A + Mr. V Today's episode... the internal/​elemental sound system, musical deliveries, and Mr. V reviews the films The Green Knight and The Suicide Squad.

Hosted by Mr. A on alternate Wednesday's from 12-2 AM


If you like to send some new music my way or just say hi, e-mail me at