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Monday September 27th, 2021 with Erik Stolpmann
This week's directions /​​​/​​​ rendezvous with local artist KURTIS ADAMUS // celebrate Nirvana's NEVERMIND with local artist ALISON ROSE // + more!

| Now approaching: Curiocity on CKCU |
|| Rendezvous with local artist Kurtis Adamus
| Discover Kurtis' new tracks "Testing Your Luck" and "Slow Down Your Road"
Testing Your Luck
Kurtis Adamus - Testing Your Luck Canadian
Full Circle
Half Moon Run - Dark Eyes Canadian
Slow Down Your Road
Kurtis Adamus - Slow Down Your Road Canadian New
|| Rendezvous with local artist Alison Rose
| Explore Alison's covers of Nirvana celebrating 30 years of "Nevermind"
Alison Rose - Nevermind Canadian
In Bloom
Alison Rose - Nevermind Canadian
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Alison Rose - Nevermind Canadian New
Rufus Wainwright - Shrek (Music From The Original Motion Picture)
|| Head down OttaWay
| Discover tunes from BluesFest and new releases from local artists
Light It Up
MonkeyJunk - Moon Turn Red Canadian
White Hot
Red Rider - Don't Fight It Canadian
gloria guns - hibernation Canadian New
Playboys & Dishes
The Desert Island Big Band - Playboys & Dishes Canadian New
Lewis Hill - Run Canadian New
| You have reached your destination |
Rock N' Roll Is A Vicious Game
April Wine - First Glance Canadian
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