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Monday September 20th, 2021 with Erik Stolpmann
This week's directions /​​​/​​​ rendezvous with artist CHRISTINA BELL about the Hull Underground Film Festival (HUFF) /​​​/​​​ discover Ottawa (and Hull!) tunes /​​​/​​​ + much more!

Now approaching: Curiocity on CKCU
Sour Times
Portishead - Dummy
|| Rendezvous with artist Christina Bell
| Learn about the first ever Hull Underground Film Festival
I Used To Think I Was Different
Shadowhand - Blue Moon Canadian
Garden Court
Nick Schofield - Glass Gallery Canadian
Love (bedroom version)
Orchidae - Mood Ring, Vol. 2 Canadian
On Ice
Fine Form - On Ice Canadian
Patio Tuesday
FET.NAT - Le Mal Canadian
Cash for Life
Guy Madonna - Guy Madonna Canadian
|| Head down OttaWay
| Discover tunes from local Ottawa artists (plus some!)
Hold My Breath
Lynne Hanson - Hold My Breath Canadian New
Crazy Ever After
Golden Hour - Crazy Ever After Canadian New
Jim Bryson - Werewolves Canadian New
Legend Of You
Graven - Years Canadian
House On Top Of The Hill
Alexandra Sullivan - House On Top Of The Hill Canadian New
Yellow Hoodie
Lucia Dostal - Yellow Hoodie New
You have reached your destination
Turtle Joke
Norm MacDonald - Late Night with Conan O'Brien Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Will a playlist be available for this show?

11:40 AM, September 20th, 2021
Erik Stolpmann (host)
Hey TM, the playlist is up now :)

12:04 PM, September 20th, 2021