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Wednesday January 13th, 2016 with Erik Stolpmann
We've Got A Live One! (feat. Subhraj Singh)

This week marks the very first LIVE performance on Permanent Waves! Along with another WAVELENGTH, I have my good friend and singer/songwriter Subhraj Singh in the studio to perform two tracks--one original and one cover--to kick off the IN MOTION segment. Much like the covers I play each week, each IN MOTION segment will have an artist or band come in and play several tracks that are originals and covers. This will allow listeners to see a glimpse into what might have influenced or inspired them, as well as hearing what they have created as a bona fide artist.
Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Instrumental)
Wanda Davis - Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Single - Secret Stash (2013)
A selection of excerpts straight from Subhraj's personal playlists
Aneurysm - 1992/Live at Reading
Nirvana - Live at Reading - DGC (1992)
Coconut Skins
Damien Rice - 9 - Vector (2006)
Deeper Than Love
Colleen Green - I Want to Grow Up - Hardly Art (2015) New
Subhraj Singh will be surfing the airwaves ... and picking local tracks to flow afterwards!
Artist page:
Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Subhraj Singh - -- - -- (2015) Canadian
Why Help
Subhraj Singh - -- - -- (2016) Canadian New
Blood Meridian
The Yips - The Yips - -- (2013) Canadian
Ignite (feat. Justjamaal Thepoet)
Lora Bidner - To the North - -- (2015) Canadian New
A tribute to David Bowie (1947-2016)
David Bowie
David Bowie - When I Live My Dream - Deram (1967)
Let's Dance
Little Daylight - Let's Dance - Single - -- (2015)
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