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Wednesday January 6th, 2016 with Erik Stolpmann
Kicking Off 2016 with Chronologies and Covers

Hello CKCU listeners and welcome to 2016! Things are going to be a little different on Permanent Waves moving forward. Along with the new intro I put together, the show will follow the same structure each week, starting this episode with what I am calling WAVELENGTHS and WEAVINGS! Each week, I intend to pull together a selection of tracks from different decades that correlate to a specific theme or idea to showcase WAVELENGTHS. I will play them in chronological order, as if you were listening to the decades in the form of representative songs. Most weeks will also be a mixed bag of different artists and genres, just like this week's selections. Following those, you will hear WEAVING (tentative title), which are covers of already established songs. Along with the covers, you will also hear a song by the original artist, a song by the artist covering the original song, or both. This will allow me to showcase the sounds of the original artist and the cover artist in a unique way. I intend to pick covers based on relevant events and the like happening around Ottawa and around the world. Enjoy today's refreshing episode of Permanent Waves and please leave a comment on the right to let me know what you think! Thank you and enjoy!
WAVELENGTH -- Records released on January 1st in 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006
I Can't Help (I Just Do-Do-Do)
James Brown - I Got You (I Feel Good) - King (1966)
Look Into The Future
Journey - Look Into The Future - Columbia (1976)
Stinking Drunk
Big Black - Atmoizer - Homestead (1986)
The View
Emily Haines - Cut in Half and Also Double - -- (1996) Canadian
Ayumi Hamasaki - (Miss)understood - Avex Trax (2006)
WEAVING (tentative title) -- Motörhead and Rush
Warm Ridin'
Diarrhea Planet - Loose Jewels - Infinity Cat (2015)
Ace of Spades
Diarrhea Planet - -- - -- (2015) New
Kobra And The Lotus - Zombie - Single - Titan (2015) Canadian New
The Spirit Of Radio
Kobra And The Lotus - Words Of The Prophets - Titan (2015) Canadian
Natural Science - Live R40 Tour
Rush - R40 Live - Anthem (2015) Canadian New
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Professor Mike
Awesome show Erik

2:57 PM, January 6th, 2016
Erik Stolpmann (host)
Thanks Mike :)

3:44 PM, January 7th, 2016