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Thursday Blend Early

Thursday Blend Early
Thursday June 27th, 2019 with Dennis Sakalauskas
Barb O'Dell - A Director for Constance Bay Theatre. Tons and tons of fantastic theatre shows in the Ottawa area. Great to hear about the shows at Constance Bay Theater, including 12 Angry Men.

Ventura Highway
America - Homecoming
Kygo - Pretend
Sit Down
James - Gold Mother
Long Distance Call
David Grey - A New Day at Midnight
A Man's A Man
The Corries - Scotland Will Flourish
Home For a Rest
Spirit of the West - Save this House Canadian
Who Knows How to Make Love Stay
Doug and The Slugs - Music for the Hard of Thinking Canadian
Breakfast at the Circus
David Wilcox - Breakfast at the Circus Canadian
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