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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday May 2nd, 2019 with Jeff Larocque
Extra show this month - who knew! We chat with Joel Exner around 7:45 this morning about the upcoming NDDHS Music Program fundraiser in Winchester on Saturday, May 4th - oh, I'm going to be emcee for it.

Just me and the mic and some music to share.
Cutting So Fine (Show Theme)
Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
Fly Fly Fly
Wicked Grin - Murder Creek Canadian
Oh Susanna - Johnstown - Record Centre Records RCR040 Canadian
Graven - Hymnal (single) Canadian
Help out a flood victim if you can - in any way you can. Here's a link to make a donation towards our friend Graven to help raise some funds to make ends meet until they get resettled:
My Dear Old Friend
Gentlemen of the Woods - This Great Unknown Canadian New
Dig Before You Sow
Sarah Beatty - Bandit Queen Canadian
King Bee
The Rolling Stones - Early Tracks - RSD Release April 2019
Like a Good Country Song
Levi Hart - Believe Canadian
Cllimbing Higher Mountains
Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace
Old Landmark
Aretha Franllin - Amazing Grace
Interactive CKCU
Joel Exner
Hi everyone, Here is the link to the ND Music Community Concert happening this Saturday, May 4th, at the St, Paul's Presbyterian Church: Support your local music program!

8:10 AM, May 2nd, 2019