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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday November 15th, 2018 with Allen Roulston
A fascinating interview and uplifting music.

An informative interview with Tribe Royal's Terry O'Brien, including samples of two new songs recorded April 25th-26th (2018) at The Nutthouse Recording Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Produced by Norbert Putnam (Elvis Presley, Jimmy Buffet) and engineered by Jimmy Nutt (12 Years A Slave).
Live in the CKCU studio, Ottawa native, Terry O'Brien, shares his experience performing with Tribe Royal, the making of their first two albums, working with Norbert Putnam (Muscle Shoals, Alabama) and preparing to record their third album with the support, assistance and guidance of Norbert Putnam. (Norbert Putnam has been recording music for more than five decades.)
Holding On
Tribe Royal - Road to Muscle Shoals Canadian
Good To Me
Tribe Royal - Road to Muscle Shoals Canadian
Tribe Royal: Holding On - Road to Muscle Shoals :

Tribe Royal: Good To Me - Road to Muscle Shoals :
Wasting Time
Tribe Royal - Colours of the Sun Canadian
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