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Thursday November 16th, 2017 with Suzette Schmiedel
The Difference Between Yoga and Yoga Therapy With Certified Yoga Therapist Jo-Ann D'Alfonso

So many people have taken yoga classes before and already understand the main benefits of general yoga practices, such as increased flexibility and muscle toning, protection from injury, improved energy, cardio and circulatory health as well as being a great stress reliever. Therefore how can Yoga Therapy offer more? Find out on this episode of I Am Alive as we explore Yoga and Yoga Therapy with Jo-Ann D'Alfonso. Special Guest: Jo-Ann D'Alfonso C-IAYT - RYT Certified Yoga Therapist / Yoga Educator| Ottawa Yoga Therapies 613-794-4991 | | Jo-Ann's Upcoming Workshops: November 19, Restore and Relax community event 3-5 pm, Mill Road Community Space, 8 Mill Road, Chelsea, QC De-stress, relax, and recharge with this two-hour restorative practice. Restorative yoga supports the body, soothes the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. This class will introduce slow moving posture and self-awakening movement to restore and reconnect body, mind and subconscious. March 2-3, 2018 - Winter retreat Discover the Remarkable! There’s nowhere else like Gatineau Park to set an intention to dive deep, connect to your innermost self, and call forth your intuitive wisdom for guidance on your life’s journey. Join us for this reflective retreat. Reflect, Connect and align with tranquility this winter March is a natural time of retreat. Bears are deep into hibernation, landscape evokes crisp, clear and quiet, and great time to dive into the dream world. Connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you in this weekend of yoga and meditation.
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