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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday March 23rd, 2017 with Tony Copple
Help Lesotho, with Peg Herbert, founder of this remarkable charitable entreprize.

Chain Lightening (Theme)
Steely dan - Katy Lied
Re Sechaba
Macecilia A St. Paul - Peo & Oetse
Dr. Peg Herbert - Spoken word
Peg Herbert is the founder and executive director of Help Lesotho, an Ottawa-based charity which is transforming the lives of the people of Lesotho, an independent kingdom surrounded by South Africa. She'll be telling us about how this remarkable initiative came about, and the truly beneficial effects that are totally changing lives. Accompanying her talk is praise music from Lesotho. For more information visit, follow Help Lesotho @helplesotho follow Peg Herbert @pegherbert .
Music to accompany the interview is by MaCecilia a St. Paul from St Paul's church, Butha Buthe, Lesotho. The following is from the Butha Buthe Wikipedia page: The town has a high school called Bokoro High School. A Canadian organization called Help Lesotho has been assisting the school with their literary skills, and it is now becoming one of the highest ranked schools for literacy skills out of the schools, assisted by Help Lesotho. Bokoro is twinned with Ridgemont High School in Ottawa.
Bana Ba Baheberu
Macecilia A St. Paul - The Collection Vol 1
Ke Mosa Oa Hae
Macecilia A St. Paul - Peo & Oetse
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