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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday August 11th, 2016 with Suzette Schmiedel
The Automatic Writing Musician

THE AUTOMATIC WRITING MUSICIAN Sam C. Lab is a writer, columnist, storyteller, poet, artist, playwright, songwriter and a modern day Renaissance Man who’s journey has led to Automatic Writing. On I Am Alive, he will be sharing with us what it is like when you connect to a higher aspect of self to receive inspiration and how this makes words with meaning pour effortlessly onto a page. Filled with samples of automatic writing, poetry and music you will thoroughly enjoy this episode. Special Guest: Sam C. Lab Tel. 819-503-7930 Sam is a facile songwriter-for-hire, able to write songs to suit people's birthdays, special events, for private parties. He also offers harp music, poetry, vocal and guitar in a wide range of styles.
Sam C. Lab - Live improve Harp Canadian
Wake up in the morning
Sam C. Lab - Live Guitare folk song Canadian
Delerium - Nuages du Monde Canadian
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Doris Campbell.
I really enjoyed the interview, as well as "such a lovely day to be alive and If I ever get to heaven. It really was so nice to sit back and listen. Thank you.

8:34 AM, August 13th, 2016