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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday July 28th, 2016 with Suzette Schmiedel
Why Organic Versus GMO?

I AM ALIVE SHOW Why Organic Versus GMO? Some people think that Genetically Modified Organism Foods also called GMO’s are the way of the future as we can create foods that are pest and disease resistant and therefore allow for more food production to feed humanity with less pesticides. Others believe that GMO foods are detrimental to our wellbeing as playing god may come with a health price. Can GMO's truly be harmful? and are all organically labelled foods non-GMO? find out on I Am Alive with Michel-André Vallières, a man with a passion for healthy food. Special Guest: Michel-André Vallières Owner of La Forêt Natural Foods 757 Riverside Dr. Wakefield, Quebec 819-459-3555
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