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Thursday Blend Early
Thursday June 2nd, 2016 with Suzette Schmiedel
Tasty Soups That Heal

TASTY SOUPS THAT HEAL We all know that organic freshly picked vegetables, fruits and herbs are filled with rich nutrients for the body, but what if I have a specific condition I wish to heal, what food should I eat to regain healthy cells or prevent certain epidemic diseases like cancer or heart disease? To find out I invited Florence Saint-Claire who is originally from France she is a “Healthy Soup Designer”, Similar to a fashion designer or a perfume creator she combines scents, textures and colors to create Tasty Soups with amazing nutrient healing properties. Today she will share with us some of her secrets and speak with us about her upcoming book, tasty soups that heal. Special Guest: Florence Saint-Claire Healthy Soup Designer FaceBook Soupes Santé Saveur - Tasty Soups that Heal (many pictures & info) Champion soup won first prize see the following video​​ ​ or check out ​Soup won first prize at​ Upcoming event : Soup Tasting on September 17th, Please send an email to to receive additional information about the event.
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