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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday April 21st, 2016 with Suzette Schmiedel
I AM ALIVE - Being Saved Seven Times

BEING SAVED SEVEN TIMES Do guardian angels really exist? Or is this just something we tell kids to help them feel safe? I was shocked to find out how many people in North America claim having experienced being saved by angels or other worldly beings. Makes you wonder if there is a dimension of reality that we don’t readily see with the naked eye. To find out more I invited on the show the Author of "7 Times Saved", Holly Ann Kline, who had several near death experiences and completely flat-lined twice. Special Guest: HOLLY ANN KLINE Author of 7 Times Saved CEO at Hope Seekers Inc. Her book is available on Kindle or Paperback at this location: (copy paste ALL the link)
Guardian Angels ~ Peaceful Music
Harvey Summers - Divine Harmonies
Delerium - Chimera Canadian
A Choir of Angels
Tom Cully - Youtube
Angel [Live]
Sarah McLachlan with Pink - Surfacing Canadian
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I have read Holly's book "7 Times Saved" and I loved it. I literally couldn't put it down. Very moving and intriguing. This book changed my life. It's good to know that this (world) is not all there is.

7:30 AM, April 21st, 2016
Thanks Dave, really appreciate your comment. I loved the book too and I must admit it did stir something inside of me, as well as interviewing Holly this morning.

4:15 PM, April 21st, 2016