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Unpaid & Uncaffeinated
Thursday July 23rd, 2015 with Suzette Schmiedel
SHE builds sustainable houses?

SHE builds sustainable houses? Who is SHE and what does sustainable housing really mean? Although SHE is concerned about the environment, the guys in our community may want to hear about these new types of building techniques and innovative ideas that cost less than normal home building. At the same time the ladies may want to learn how caring for our environment in this way can help improve our planet.
Cité D'or Et De Lumière
Louis Lachance - Le Grand Rassemblement Canadian
Put There By the Land
Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara Canadian
Feather, Fur & Fin
Danny Michel - Feather, Fur & Fin Canadian
Movim 1
Magda Angelica - Ilhuikatzin Canadian
Hina Na Ho (Celebration)
Susan Aglukark - This Child Canadian
Special Guest:
Perry Zavitz
Photographer/Graphic designer and SHE Build enthusiast
Cell : 819 744-0047
Email :

S.H.E. build Info:
(819) 360-7395
Bradley Robinson
Interactive CKCU