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Unpaid & Uncaffeinated
Thursday March 26th, 2015 with Suzette Schmiedel
Body Psyche

BODY PSYCHE. What is your body communicating to your mind? Find out on this episode of the I Am Alive show with special guest Body-Centered Psychotherapist Ann Rosamond Ohlmacher. We will explore just how intertwined the body and mind are; and we will witness Body-Centered Psychotherapy LIVE!
Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song)
Robbie Robertson & RRE - Music For The Native Americans Canadian
The Way I Feel
Ford - Ford, Cross'n Water Canadian
Secret Heart
Feist - Let It Die Canadian
Edwin - Another Spin Around The Sun Canadian
Special Guest:
Ann Rosamond Ohlmacher, Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integegration (Rolfing), MA Body Psychologist (Body-Centered Psychotherapist and Movement Therapist)