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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday January 8th, 2015 with Suzette Schmiedel
2015 an Awakening World

2015 an Awakening World As science evolves so does humanity. Is it possible that we are at the threshold of something big. That this new awareness of ourselves and the universe is evolving us as a species? More and more people are claiming to have experiences of Oneness, a feeling of being connected with everything in existence, an experience where time stops and the elusion of separation dissolves. On todays show we will explore the awakening experiences of some pretty famous people and discuss quantum physics and consciousness with Chad Bersheid, a Breathwork Facilitator of Montreal who has witnessed awareness expanding experiences through his work.
Delerium - Nuages du monde Canadian
Youtube Video Clips were taken from:
1. Scientific Proof...We are all One Part 1
2. Russel Brand Awakened Man
3. Jim Carrey Spiritual Awakening Meditation and Consciousness

Special Guest:
Chad Berscheid
Breathwork Circle Facilitator
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