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Thursday Early Blend
Thursday November 27th, 2014 with Suzette Schmiedel
Environmental Awakening

ENVIRONMENTAL AWAKENING In the past religious beliefs have separated us from one another, creating devastating wars and human suffering. These wars have also devastated our environment. Maybe there is a connection between not caring for the environment and religion? Is it possible that global warming is simply mirroring back to us our indifference to our environment and humanity as a whole? Every single one of us has a part to play in changing these beliefs, and just maybe if we work together we can save this world. To explore this matter more in depth I interviewed Heidi Honegger, who is conducting a Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University. She is presently doing research that may reveal a powerful link between spiritual and religious beliefs and our environment. A key that may unlock the door to saving our precious planet.
Akua Tuta
Robbie Robertson & RRE - Music For The Native Americans Canadian
Cheza - Shaker Canadian
Hari Om Nararayan
Surya Chandra - Mystic Tongue Canadian
Hina Na Ho (Celebration)
Susan Aglukark - This Child Canadian
Special Guest:
Heidi Honegger, who is conducting a Master’s in Environmental Studies, York University.
Heidi's Contact Info: