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Electronic Meditation
Tuesday February 12th, 2019 with Sean McFee
Guitar Echo Chamber

Gotta start with the master, Manuel Göttsching. This suite comes from the second Ashra album in 1977, which is a solo release.

You can listen to more Manuel Göttsching here:
Lotus Parts I-IV
Ashra - Blackouts - Virgin
Steve Hillage may best be known for his work in Gong, but he had a lengthy solo career of which "Fish Rising" (1975) is probably the closest to Gong in style (and has the most Gong members playing).
More Hillage:

Achim Reichel (and Machines) produced several albums of cosmic psychedelia heavily featuring echo guitar before moving into a highly lucrative pop career. In 2017 he finally revisited his origins and released a comprehensive 10 CD box set of all the A.R. & Machines material and a ton of bonus material. The disc featured here includes "pure" echo guitar music, recorded in practice.
Achim Reichel part one:
Achim Reichel part two:
Meditation of the Snake
Steve Hillage - Fish Rising - Virgin
Zhivago Shankar
A.R. & Machines - 14 Pieces for Guitar and Echo Chamber - Tangram
Schickert is the other "big three" of German echo guitarists (LOL). His material is darker, more "industrial". He recorded two classic albums in the 70s, this one (1979) and Samtvogel (1972). A few years ago an archival release came out of his session with Klaus Schulze, which is one of my favorite albums period.

The Schulze-Schickert show:
Günter Schickert - Überfällig - Bureau B
We close with the French artist Michel Moulinié and his only album, from 1978. This is the only album this week that has not yet been reissued on CD. Musea seems to be back in the game now, so maybe they'll get on it? ...
Lente Course
Michel Moulinié - Chrysalide - Crypto
Interactive CKCU
Heavy Ben
Nice selections, Sean

10:26 PM, February 12th, 2019
Sean McFee (host)
Thank you, Ben!

10:27 PM, February 12th, 2019