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Electronic Meditation
Thursday February 8th, 2018 with Sean McFee
Steve Hillage

The guitarist of Gong who has had a lengthy solo career.
(1972) The earliest Hillage recordings are in a jazzy progressive rock style, closer to the Canterbury style of music, which isn't too surprising when considering that the keyboardist on this album was the great Dave Stewart (Egg, National Health, Hatfield and the North). This doesn't sound too much like the later stuff but is worth hearing.
Driving to Amsterdam
Khan - Space Shanty - Deram
(1973-1974) The great Gong, who I have played before. A couple of extended tracks here where they can stretch out. After "You", Gong would change quite a bit, heading in a more jazz rock direction, and Hillage went solo.
Flying Teapot
Gong - Flying Teapot - Virgin
Isle of Everywhere
Gong - You - Virgin
(1975) The first solo album by Hillage has quite the cast; he is reunited with Stewart, and also joined by Mike Howlett, Dider Malherbe, Tim Blake, and Pierre Moerlen of Gong, as well as Lindsay Cooper (Henry Cow) on bassoon and Miquette Giraudy on vocals. The result is very much as you might have imagined if Gong hadn't changed direction.
Steve Hillage - Fish Rising - Virgin
(1976-1977) The next two albums lose the all-star cast but keep the same general approach.
Hurdy Gurdy Glissando
Steve Hillage - L - Virgin
Octave Doctors
Steve Hillage - Motivation Radio - Virgin
Not Fade Away
Steve Hillage - Motivation Radio - Virgin
(1978-1979) Green heads in a somewhat spacier direction, while Live Herald was a double LP that features three live sides and one studio side. Christian Boulé, who also played in Clearlight, appears on this track. (As a trivia note, Hillage and Boulé both play on Clearlight Symphony, but on separate sides).
Activation Meditation / The Glorious Om Riff
Steve Hillage - Green - Virgin
The Salmon Song
Steve Hillage - Live Herald - Virgin
(1979) Finally, we end with some truly "solo" Steve Hillage, and his ambient electronic album Radio Dome Musick. Like many Virgin albums in the 70s this consists of two side long tracks, although it was not recorded at the Manor and doesn't seem to be related to Richard Branson's attempts to recreate the commercial success of Tubular Bells.
Garden of Paradise
Steve Hillage - Radio Dome Musick - Virgin
A slight stylistic departure for the rest of the time, this is the Shooting Guns, a group I've played on the show before. This is their release from August 2017.
Ride Free
Shooting Guns - Flavour Country - Riding Easy Canadian
French Safe
Shooting Guns - Flavour Country - Riding Easy Canadian
Simian Shelf
Shooting Guns - Flavour Country - Riding Easy Canadian
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