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Electronic Meditation
Thursday February 15th, 2018 with Sean McFee

If the pun confused you it's stuff from Finland
Bring Out the Sun
Von Hertzen Brothers - Love Remains the Same - Universal
Space rock from 2002, 2009, and 1994
Hidria Spacefolk - Symbiosis - Hidria
The Army of Isopods
Taipuva Luotisuora - IV - Kaakao
For All Mankind
Kingston Wall - III - Tri-Logy - Zen Garden
Progressive rock from 1974, 1972, and 1977. Pekka Pohjola was a member of Wigwam. Vesa Aaltonen drums on both Tasavallan Presidentti and parts of the Pohjola album. The Pohjola album also features Mike and Sally Oldfield on various tracks, as well as Pierre Moerlen of Gong. The track I played tonight is a trio of Pohjola, Mike Oldfield, and Moerlen.
Proletarian / Inspired Machine
Wigwam - Being - Love
Tasavallan Presidentti - Lambertland - Love
Matemaatikon Lentonäytös
Pekka Pohjola - Keesojen Lahto - Love
Melodic death metal from 1996, avant-rock from 1995, most of the same guys switching to crunchy chamber klezmer in 2000 (my 2000 album of the year back when I did the overnighter here), and some chamber rock from 2000. Is that enough genre slicing for one set?
On rich and Poor
Amorphis - Elegy - Relapse
Höyry-Kone - Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa - Ad Perpetuam Memoriam
Alamaailman Vasarat - Vasaraasia - Laskeuma
Uzva - Tammikuinen Tammela - Ylösmatka
Back to the old proggy stuff, Haikara made two sought after albums in '72 and '73 respectively, this being the first one. Piirpauke had a long run doing a kind of ethnic jazz (check out my Culture Mash show for more music like this), and Scapa Flow was a more acid folk influenced group.
Yksi Maa - Yksi Kansa
Haikara - Haikara - Fazer
Uusi Laulu Paimenille
Piirpauke - Piirpauke - Love
Mikä Aamu
Scapa Flow - Uuteen Aikaan - Rocket
Bookending the Finnish stuff with another Von Hertzen Brothers track. Pure ear candy for me.
The Willing Victim
Von Hertzen Brothers - Love Remains the Same - Universal
I even keep the Finland link alive in the CanCon. Symphonic Slam was the group led by Timo Laine, who was born in Finland but lived in Canada. The most interesting aspect of this group was Laine's use of a polyphonic guitar synthesizer, which I understand he was able to use to separate direct the output of each guitar string to a different synthesizer. Which sounds really crazy. Some of the music is more towards the AOR side so I've selected a couple of tracks that show the stronger side in my opinion.
Symphonic Slam - Symphonic Slam - A&M Canadian
Symphonic Slam - SS II - Lady Canadian
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