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Electronic Meditation
Thursday January 14th, 2016 with Sean McFee
Eighteen's a crowd

Today it's all large groups to kick off 2016.
You Set the Scene
Love - Forever Changes - Elektra
The North Sea Radio Orchestra is a group I found out due to some small relationship they have with the Cardiacs. They are a chamber-rock group of ten members plus a chorus on certain songs. They have released three albums so far, some (all?) using British poetry as lyrical source material. They are lovely and I played some last show, and tonight I'm going to feed you a bit more.
He gives his Beloved ceratin Rhymes
North Sea Radio Orchestra - North Sea Radio Orchestra - Oof!
Now Welcom Somer
North Sea Radio Orchestra - Birds - North Sea Radio Orchestra
Berliner Luft
North Sea Radio Orchestra - I a moon - North Sea Radio Orchestra
I could not decide which Steve Reich composition to play, so I opted to play two. But now which one to play FIRST...
Music for a Large Ensemble
Steve Reich - Octet ... - ECM
The first reissue of the ProgQuebec label back in 2004 was a compilation of the official releases of the Ville Emard Blues Band. A collective of musicians, sometimes up to 18 on the stage, they married together a number of styles, supplementing their own material with compositions of some of the feeder groups like Contraction or Toubabou. In the 2000s, Chris Gagnon, son of the original group's driving force Bill, reformed a new generation of the group and they played at the 2007 edition of the FMPM (Festival des Musiques Progressives de Montréal) along with four members of the original group.

This set features music from both original releases -- Yama Nekh actually being a Toubabou song originally -- as well as a piece from the more recent live album.
Ville Emard Blues Band - Complete 1973-1975 - ProgQuebec Canadian
Soumis/Octobre (au mois de mai)
Ville Emard Blues Band - Complete 1973-1975 - ProgQuebec Canadian
Yama Nekh
Ville Emard Blues Band - Complete 1973-1975 - ProgQuebec Canadian
La Poutine à ma tante Anna
Ville Emard Blues Band - Complete 1973-1975 - ProgQuebec Canadian
Kondy Donky
Ville Emard Blues Band - Live au FMPM 2007 - ProgQuebec Canadian
More Reich with a desert island classic.
Parts 1 & 2
Steve Reich - Tehillim - ECM
To close the show, Jannick Top's Magma-related project Utopic Sporadic Orchestra, will take us in a somewhat darker direction. A short-lived group that played the Nancy Jazz festival in 1975, the archival release features a performance of Top's De Futura from the event, as well as a rehearsal version from the night before. There are three other tracks as well but it's hard to compete with two versions of De Futura. Another case of 18 musicians on a stage, this features some of the typical Magma luminaries of the period, as well as Didier Lockwood and Michel Ripoche on violin.
De Futura (Rehearsal)
Utopic Sporadic Orchestra - Nancy 75 - Utopic Records
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