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Electronic Meditation
Thursday December 31st, 2015 with Sean McFee
Passport Stamping

Part three of deep cuts, with music from all over the place.
I A Moon
North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon - THM
Introduction and songs with words, eh?
Clochers et maisons
Demi-Heure - Demi-Heure - private Canadian
Solar Winds
Lightdreams - Islands in Space - private Canadian
Farewell Goodbyes
Lightdreams - Islands in Space - private Canadian
Mind and Body
Machines Have Landed - Part One - North Shore Canadian
Next up we will visit the former Yugoslavia, with tracks from Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia

Bosnia's Indexi created the album Modra Rijeka around the poetry of Mak Dizdar. The music is a spacy kind of progressive rock.

Slovenia's Izvir produced a late-70s album that alternates early-70s psych moments with some occasional disco-type rhythm.

Croatia's Spektar produced one album which incorporated a number of styles; the track here is not dissimilar from a lot of East European "hard prog" from the era.

Serbia's Tako produced two albums of Pink Floyd influenced music, mostly instrumental.
Indexi - Modra Rijeka - Croatia Records
Popotnik Skozi / Atomski Vek
Izvir - Izvir - RTV Ljubjana
Dobri Kapetan
Spektar - Spektar - Suzy
Druga Strana Mene
Tako - Tako - Rock Symphony
Greece's Iraklis Triantafyllidis (ηρακλης τριανταφυλλιδης) put out a highly collectable double-psych album in the early 70s called Se Allous Kosmous, which you can currently buy for only 1000 Euros! Or you can get one of the many reissues if you want to be cheap about it. He also did a couple more electronic/prog oriented albums in the 80s, one of which I got my paws on and will also play from.
Iraklis - Se Allous Kosmous - Ikaros
Iraklis and Lerneia Hydra - I Stigmi - Πολύαυλος
Closing the show with a block of music from Venezuela, USSR, and East Germany.

Venezuela's Angel Rada dedicated his first album to Klaus Schulze. Enough said!

Yuri Buchma was born in Irkutsk and recorded the album Autoportret (1990) while living in the Ukraine. He has continued to produce increasingly commercial electronic music in the intervening years.

Finally we close with some East Berlin School, I guess :). East Germany's Reinhard Lakomy produced albums in a variety of different styles, some more commercial than others. Der Traum von Asgard is one of his electronic albums, so we like it.
Panico a las 5 A.M. / Mar de la Tristeza
Angel Rada - Upadesa - Uranium
Чернобыль, год спустя
Yuri Buchma - Autoportret - Melodiya
Die gotischen Narren
Reinhard Lakomy - Der Traum von Asgard - Amiga
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