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Nothing To See Hear
Tuesday September 10th, 2019 with Steve Kirkland
A little less nothing than usual...

BLACK PUMAS - Black Pumas - 2019, ATO
the Loneliest Sound
the DANCING BEARS - V.A.: the SOund of Leamington Spa - 2018, Firestation, recorded in 1987
Consolation Prize
JULIE DOIRON - I Can Wonder What You DId with Your Day - 2009, Jagjaguwar Canadian
Hold On Hope
GUIDED BY VOICES - Hold On Hope ep - 2000, TVT
My Thought Began to Crystallize (musical bed)
STEVE MANN - V.A.: Imaginatinal Anthem - 2005, Tompkins Square
Lonesome Mary
CHILLIWACK - Chilliwack - 1971, A&M
Never Get Lost
JIM BASNIGHT - Not Changing - 2019, Precedent New
Everything That Happened
the LIVING DOLLS - V.A.: Big Stir Singles Vol. 2 - 2019, Big Stir
Interactive CKCU