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Nothing To See Hear
Tuesday September 5th, 2017 with Jas Nasty
One World Film Festival Festival and Asinabka Festival edition to highlight upcoming screenings

Zoe Mallett, Festival Coordinator for the 28th annual One World Film Festival in studio to speak about about the festival, which takes place September 28 to October 1, and an event they have coming up this week. Also with us in studio are the founders and co-directors of Asinabka Film and Media Arts Festival, Christopher Wong and Howard Adler, who are partnering with One World on a couple of screenings during the festival. Sharing info about the films, and playing some related music
New Women Song Ft- Jennifer Kreisberg
Cris Derksen - Orchestral Powwow - 2015 Canadian
Sara Curruchich - . - 2016
Xiimbal Kaaj ft. Pat Boy Yazmin Novelo
4 Mayan Seasons - . - 2017
We Got A Story
Diyet - . - .
Have Hope
Jennifer Kreisberg - . - .
Interactive CKCU
Jasmine C (host)
You can find more about One World Film Festival here:

2:20 PM, September 5th, 2017
Jasmine C (host)

2:40 PM, September 5th, 2017
Jasmine C (host)

3:01 PM, September 5th, 2017