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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday January 2nd, 2012 with Ralph Hopper
the short show

The Short Show - the first program for 2012 consists of works all of which are under 6 minutes in length
Alison Chung-Yan - Music by Alison Chung-Yan/self Canadian
Jazz't for Miles
Beatriz Ferreyra - CMJ vol 25
Sandy Scofield - - CEC Canadian
212code - Memory Stick
Neanderthals in a phone booth
Fred Semeniuk - - CEC Canadian
David Solursh - - CEC Canadian
Despite Bright Ideas
Andrew Staniland - - CEC Canadian
Dance from the Outside
Barry Schrader - EAM - Innova
Richard Power - Richard Power
Anistropy [lumps in the gravy]
Graeme Gerrard - Machine Messages - ACMA
Parts of Speech
Warren Burt - Machine Messages - ACMA
Ian Stewart - - CEC Canadian
Zack Settel - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
What If
Daniel Scheidt - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Humoresque 901534
Bruno Gegazio - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Breathing Room
Hildegard Westerkamp - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian